Worship at First Baptist

Without question, the worship of God is the most important function of a church. It is easy to define what worship is not. Worship is not entertainment; it is not evangelism; it is not activities and announcements; it is not an intellectual exercise; it is not an emotional high; and it is not a means to an end. It is the end itself.

We must remember that God is not seeking workers, but worshippers. God doesn't need us to accomplish God's work, but God does want our fellowship. The other things that we do for God in the church (teach, lead, give, etc.) are an outgrowth of our worship and our relationship to God.

At First Baptist, our services follow a specific theme each week through prayers, hymns, readings, special music and the sermon. Care is taken to make this hour as meaningful as possible, with all elements of the service focusing our minds and affections on God.

Children's Worship

Children's Worship offers an opportunity for children, ages 4 through 2nd grade to not only understand worship, but to worship as well.  After participating in the first part of the FBC service with parents, children are dismissed to Children's Worship where they discuss elements of worship they have just experienced with their parents, and then continue in worship by leading in prayer, learning a Bible lesson, singing a hymn of faith, and taking up an offering. "Worship words" such as Salvation, Profession of Faith, Baptism, Lord's Supper, Communion, Call to Confession, Assurance of Forgiveness, Praise, Sermon, Hymn of Response, Commissioning Hymn, Prelude, Postlude, Offertory, Responsive Reading, and other terms are part of a child's learning in Children's Worship.

During the worship service children ages four through second grade have the option to stay and worship with their families for the remainder of the service, or attend Children's Worship.  Every fifth Sunday, all children remain with parents in worship so that they might learn more of what it means to worship in "Big Church."

First Baptist is committed to providing ministries to the entire family. We believe that families should worship together whenever possible. Children learn to worship by worshipping - observing and participating with the family in worship provides a powerful example of faith.

Children's Worship can provide opportunities needed for our young children and their families as they learn and grow in their understanding of what it means to worship God by easing into worship.

If choosing to participate in Children's Worship, the children will exit the sanctuary through the doors nearest the piano and follow the leader to the second floor.  Parents will need to come get their children immediately after the service. Please do not send an older child to pick up a child.

When a child promotes into the 4 year old Sunday Morning Bible Study class, they have the option to attend Children's Worship. After completing 2nd grade, children attend worship with their family. .

For more information on Children's Worship at FBC Rome, contact ghstephens@fbcrome.org.