Bible Study

Everyone can find a place in Sunday Bible study! First Baptist Church offers the very best options for preschoolers, children, teenagers, and adults. Join us Sunday mornings at 9:45 for the class of your choice. Ask a greeter at any entrance to help you find your way.


Higher Ground - An adult class for those who value individualized study with Harold Storey as their teacher. Meets in Room 301 on the 3rd Floor of the Education Building.

YAC (Young Adult Class) - A co-ed class of couples and single adults in their 20's and early 30's provides a safe place to explore issues of faith and Christian living. Ashley Ellington, Wade Monk, and Bruce Jones provide insightful and energized Bible Study. Meets in Room 305 on the 3rd Floor of the Education Building.  

Journey Class -
 A co-ed group of adults in their 30's is characterized by lively conversation, fellowship, and a desire to grow in faith and participate in ministry projects. Nina Lovel, Jason Sanker, Jordan Knight, and Brandon Johnson teach this group. Meets in Room 304 on the 3rd Floor of the Education Building.

Builders Class - A co-ed class primarily in their late early 40's and 50's who enjoy being together, supporting each other, and learning how the Bible applies to their lives in the 21st century. Meets in Room 302 on the 3rd Floor of the Education Building with Willis Potts and Michelle Hester as teachers.

YAGO (Young Adults Getting Older) This co-ed class has met together since many were young adults and now are in their late 50's and 60's. They appreciate spirited discussions about Scripture and life. Roger Goss teaches this class in Room 308 on the 3rd Floor of the Education Building.

Dean's List Class - A co-ed group of adults who are attentive to serious Bible study and respectful discussion and are quick to respond to community needs. Joe Baskin teaches this class in Room 309 of the Education Building.

Conundrum Class is for adults in "life's second half" of age, transition, and exploration where Scripture is taken seriously, but without taking themselves too seriously. Kathy Richardson teaches this group in Room 303 on the 3rd Floor of the Education Building.  

Cherry Snider Agape Class is led by Mary Shotwell Smith. They enjoy a caring fellowship and careful Bible study. Women of all ages gather in The Parlor (behind the Fellowship Hall) on the Ground Floor of the Office Building.

The Choir Room Class meets in the Choir Room! (just behind the Sanctuary).  It is the perfect class for those who need to be in places of leadership early.  Larry Atwell teaches this class.

O.M. Cates Class appreciates the scholarly yet humorous teaching of Hugh Peacock. These mostly-retired men meet in the Church Conference Room on the Ground Floor of the Office Building.

Joy/Friendship Class - This women's Bible Study is characterized by culturally relevant conversations about faith and culture. It meets in the Community Room on the Ground Floor and is easily accessible. Steve Conrad teaches this group of women in their 70's and 80's.

Fidelis Class/Scrap Iron Class is characterized by faithfulness. Some have been members of this class since the 1930's and are STILL gaining insight into Scripture. Teachers include Susan and Jim Bradshaw, Miriam Peterson, and Earl Tillman and they meet in Room 240 on the 2nd Floor of the Office Building.

Chapel Class meets in the Chapel. It includes many newcomers to the church and is an excellent place to get started in Bible Study. Joel Snider, Tamara Smathers, John Uldrick, and Bob Hortman rotate teaching. Teaching begins at 10:00 a.m.

College Class includes young women and men that are college students in town and out of town. Teachers are Hilary Reaves, Chris Cook, and Jennie Cook and the class meets in Room 242 on the 2nd Floor of the Office Building--easily reached from the First Street entrance.

Scrap Iron Bible Class Radio Broadcast can be heard every Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. on WLAQ 1410. Continuing a tradition of over 75 years, this radio broadcast presents a 30 minute lesson each week.

Looking for a particular room. Download our floorplan in PDF format from our Document Library.