Bible Study Teacher Helps

Teachers who utilize Baptistway Press will find these resources helpful:

(June - August 2017)

Called to Serve Premium Commentary by Dr. Duane Brooks

(June - August 2017)

Called to Serve Premium Teaching Plans by Dr. Dennis Parrott

Teachers who utilize the Nurturing Faith Curriculum found in the Nurturing Faith Journal and Bible Studies will find these resources helpful:

For weekly teaching plans and a video overview of the lesson visit: 

Faith Element provides video clips and additional teaching plans for youth and adults.

Working Preacher, a ministry of Luther Seminary.
Select the text for that Sunday's lesson from the lectionary options for the upcoming Sunday.

For access to the Bible in multiple versions visit:

For access to online commentaries also visit and select additional resources provides the Bible for those who are learning to read English.These commentaries and resources produced by Wycliffe Bible translators are excellent.

Resources available at First Baptist Church include an extensive collection of Bible commentaries, dictionaries, and atlases--all available in the office building, Room 242.