First Baptist Church offers a variety of seminars for adults of all ages. These meet on a rotating schedule, primarily on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Most seminars will last five weeks. Some have fees attached to cover the cost of materials. Please contact Tamara Tillman Smathers, Minister of Education, at if you would like more information.


Adult Choices for Fall:
August 27 - September 24 

Welcome and Go - Being the Church God Calls Us to Be
Join Joel Snider, Tamara Smathers, and Willis Potts as we seek to embrace what it means to Welcome and Go.

Please Pray For Me - This group will meet in the Conference Room to consider various ways to pray for others.  Participants will be encouraged to use the time to write notes and pray for those who have requested prayer.

Monday Morning Women's Bible Study (resumes September 8, 2014)

 Tamara Smathers leads this Bible Study for women in our church as well as the community.
Join us each Monday at 10:00 a.m. in the Dining Room and invite someone to come with you.