Prayer Concerns




JoAnne Locklear


Kay Gardner and family in the death of Kay's mother who passed away February 25.

The family of Mary Ann Brock. Mrs. Brock passed away February 24.

Jane Tucker and family in the death of her sister, Betty Taylor. Mrs. Taylor passed away February 21.

Greg Fuller and family in the death of his grandmother, Eunice Mae Blair. Mrs. Blair passed away February 17, 2015.

Phyllis Jenkins and family in the death of her mother, Helen Loupassakis. Mrs. Loupassakis passed away February 16. 

Jerrie Jowers and Lauren Sklar and family in the death of Jerrie's sister-in-law and Lauren's aunt, Carolyn Jowers Williams. Mrs. Williams passed away February 13.

Susan McClellan and family in the death of her uncle, Walter Wilkins. Mr. Wilkins passed away February 11.


Jamie Barton, who will present her first solo recital at Carnegie Hall on February 17.

Dr. Martha Shaw, who will be conducting a choral concert in her Carnegie Hall debut on February 15.