Sunday Morning Bible Study  (9:45-10:45 am)

  • We have an age-graded children's Sunday School program for children in grades one through six.
  • We use the BaptistWay Press Children's curriculum which is developmentally appropriate for each age.
  • A minimum of 2 teachers serve in each classroom, and a safety/security policy is in place and maintained.

Children's Worship

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Blueprint Workshop (5:00 - 6:30 pm)

  • 1st-3rd graders meet to learn how to use the Bible finding chapters and verses, memorize scripture verses and hear about Biblical characters and places in a fun, noncompetitive format.
  • 4th-6th graders learn about the Bible, how to use the Bible, memorize Bible verses, learn to place Biblical characters and places into a time-line, learn great hymns of the church, explore our own church history and Baptist distinctives. The FBC Blueprint for Faith Development  is our guide.  We strongly believe that the Blueprint is an excellent guide for nurturing children to develop the skills needed to one day choose a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the program, children begin to realize the value of the Bible as the authoritative guide they may use throughout life to make the right choices and to follow Jesus. As they "seek His heart," they learn to "be His hands."
  • All children are served a snack supper provided by parent volunteers.


Chick-Fil-A Devotions  (7:00-7:30 am -- during the school year)

  • We meet together to share scripture and a devotion that is relevant to children's lives.
  • We pray for one another and then go to school.  
  • We try to arrange for carpools to school if needed.


Graded Choirs (5:45 - 6:30 pm) (click here for information about Children's Choirs) (Children on Mission) (6:30 - 7:15 pm)

  • Our boys and girls learn about mission work in our state, our nation and world.
  • They learn to pray for others who are involved in missions and they learn that they too can be involved.
  • Music, crafts and sometimes even snacks reflect what they are studying.
  • We have found that this study opens their eyes to the world and the greatness of  God.


Parent Child Dedications: Each family with a young child is given the opportunity to dedicate themselves and their child to the Lord. These very special services are held during the morning worship service and are planned with the family. The church makes promises and the parents respond with promises of their own.  Parents choose a "Life Verse" for the child which will be used many times during their growing years at the church.

Vacation Bible School: This year VBS is June 6-10, 2016!  Volunteers with Preschool age children are placed in age graded classes.  VBS is open to the entire community for children ages four years old - 4th grade completed.

Pool Party: A summer tradition for the entire family!  We swim, have supper, and fellowship.

Summer Fun Days: Preteens gather to enjoy Bible study in the mornings and then great adventures of recreation after lunch.


Welcome Center: Volunteer to be a greeter in the Children's area

Teachers for all programs: Let the Children's Minister know if you would be interested and willing to share your gifts with our children in one of our regular programs.

Substitute Teachers: We provide regular teachers with a list of substitute teachers in case of illness and vacations.

Children's Worship Assistants: Each Sunday during Children's Worship we need one or two volunteers for security reasons.

If you would be willing to fill any of these positions or want to ask for additional information, please e-mail


  • First Baptist Church is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for children and youth.
  • Procedures are established for screening both compensated and volunteer workers and teachers of all child and youth activities.
  • Supervision standards are established for those who work and teach children and youth.
  • For a copy of First Baptist Church Safety and Security Policies Children and Youth (including forms) (Click here)
  • A security system is in place for all our buildings. Cameras are active at all times.