Special Events

Life Verse:
 Parents choose a life verse for each  child as a part of our Parent-Child Dedication service.  As they grow, children are encouraged to learn their life verse with help from parents and teachers.  We seek to nurture children  to apply their lives to the verse in relevant ways as they grow in their faith journey.  

First Grade Bible Presentations: As each child promotes into First Grade, the church presents them with a Bible. We take very seriously the study of God's word and it is easier for their teachers when they all have the same Bible.

PASSPORTkids: PASSPORTkids is a unique camp where all the elements are integrated to provide an active faith-building experience for 3rd -6 graders. Through Bible studies, Devotions and Worship we continue to plant the seeds of God's love in the lives of children and encourage their growth as followers of Jesus. Missionaries join us from around the world. We "transport" campers to new places to help them encounter the way people live across the globe... and the ways we can share God's grace with them. Oh, Yes, and we mix in a healthy dose of that one ingredient that holds the rest together...FUN!

Parent and Child Dedication: Each family with a young child is given the opportunity to covenant with God and our Church family on behalf of the child  as they seek to nurture each son and daughter to choose a life of faith in Jesus.  These very special services are held during Sunday morning worship. The Minister of Faith Development counsels with each family as a part of the preparation for this covenant.