Each fall we go off for a weekend away. Sometimes we camp in the mountains of NW Georgia. Sometimes we travel to SIFAT to learn more about hunger in the world. No matter where we are, we have a blast! Registration usually begins late August and closes out in early October.


Each winter we have either gone skiing or to the beach! Two very different places but both well worth it. This is a 4 or 5 day trip where we concentrate on getting to know one another. We encourage our students to include friends and visitors on this trip. Registration usually begins mid October and closes out in mid December. To register for this event, download the Winter Retreat registration form, print it, and turn the registration form and payment into John or the church office.


Each spring we attend March Mission Madness. MMM is an event sponsored by the CBF of Georgia and calls together hundreds of students and dozens of churches from across Georgia for worship and work. Each year MMM is sponsored at a different location. We go to that town and help out in many ways, whether it's fixing a house or painting a building or cleaning up a park so that children can have a safe place to play! It is a great experience working next to new friends and helping out a community.


Each summer we attend Passport Youth Camps. Whether we are in New Orleans continuing the Katrina clean up, in Washington D.C. serving in the Northeast, or in Wingate, NC helping a local community and learning about worship, service, and missions... we love PASSPORT! Registration usually begins early March and closes out in late April. If you want to know more about Passport Youth Camps, click here.


Lock-ins are a favorite part of our ministry. Each Spring we have a lock-in for all youth. At the beginning of each summer, we have a lock-in especially for our rising 7th Graders and invite all the middle schoolers. We use this chance to have a FUN orientation with our newcomers and ease them into the ministry. Look out for your chance to join us at our next lock-in!